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Wemhoff Consulting / Business Support by Design LLC

Wemhoff Consulting / Business Support by Design LLC


have and what obstacles are in your way.
“Do you know an HR Professional who is overwhelmed with conflicting priorities and they just want to create a positive workplace and get recognized.”

As an HR Professional:
-Don’t feel alone, pushing so much paper.
-Don’t feel alone in an HR department of one.
-Don’t feel too busy to create relationships.
-Don’t be afraid to find ways to show your achievements to management.

I, Tonya Wemhoff am here for support, activities, habits and managing up of HR Professionals. I have a group for HR Professionals who want to bring harmony and recognition to HR. I share a theme each week with 90 second videos Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday. On Wednesdays I do a short training of 20 to 30 minutes on the theme with a google doc that they can adapt and use in their workplaces. The themes are generated by the members, I give activities that can then be adapted to be used in their workplace, we also create habits to spread positivity, and habits to support the positive workplace. I also share ways to assist HR Professionals to gain recognition for their achievements.

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26 Bucktail Lake
Clarks, NE 6828


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